Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Songs I Love to Sing: I Won't Mind

Sometimes there are songs that one comes across that not only resonates, but seem to fit like a glove. "I Won't Mind" is one of those songs for me. As you may recall in the very first post on this blog I shared how I lost my ability to sing for a time due to a traumatic event involving the death of my brother. During my vocal and emotional recovery I still continued to do musical theater and I had to rely heavily on my acting talents to get through this time. As I slowly regained my vocal abilities, and technique, the connection I was able to make with songs and the capability to interpret them in the same vein as a monologue stayed with me. I still constantly strive to perfect my vocal proficiency and how I convey a song to an audience. But, with material like "I Won't Mind", which is structured as a monologue set to music, it is ideal for a performer like me.

The song was written by Jeff Blumenkrantz for an unfinished musical, The Other Franklin. It was to be about the relationship of Benjamin Franklin with his son, William, around the time of the American Revolution. This song is sung by William's wife, Elizabeth, who was never able to have children of her own. She sings it to her godson in his nursery while everyone else is the next room celebrating the christening. The Other Franklin is an abandoned project that will never be produced, but this song (fortunately for us) was recorded by Audra McDonald on her album, How Glory Goes. She also sings it regularly in her concerts. Through her album I was introduced to the song and it will now be one I sing for auditions and in performance as long as I am able. I love it...enjoy!

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