Monday, November 12, 2012

Gearing Up for the Recital

I always feel a sense of excitement as I get into the final stretch before a recital. Last minute changes to the song line up, doubting if I can even sing, feeling triumphant as I finally have a break through and know what vowel substitution needs to be made on that word and note to make it sound richer and fuller, butterflies in my stomach and the prayers that the microphone will work well and the sound equipment won't malfunction. It is a busy, crazy, nerve wracking time! 

I perform this coming Friday for my family and friends in St.George at the Jubilee of Trees. Christmas songs, and some Broadway Tunes as well as Pop Songs. It should be fun, it always is. This year I will be singing with my sisters, Franci and Janell. Roger will join me on a song and Ivy will sing a couple tunes. Franci will also accompany me on one of the songs. It is a real family affair! I will post video so don't worry about that. I have been doing these recitals for three years now and they have been such a highlight of my year. It forces me to work up songs to a performance level and expand my vocal technique and repertoire. And, my family loves it...I can't deny them the experience.

There truly is nothing like a family that supports you like mine does. Since I can remember that have supported and loved what I do in the arts. I have never felt from them any jealousy or animosity, just love and support. It sustains me when I doubt myself and I feel so much gratitude for them. I guess that is why these recitals have that extra layer of goodness about them. I am performing to a crowd that has given me so much. There is a lot of love in the room and as a result I usually do some of my best work vocally. I can't wait!! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Songs I Love to Sing: Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time is one of my favorite songs to perform. It has such a drive to it and a tangible dramatic quality. I feel it fits perfectly into my repertoire. Some might see it as a depressing song, but I have always seen it as a song of 'hope' and try to sing it with that conviction. I have been told that I sing it too "pretty", and I can agree that it does need a certain amount of grit and I have been toying with that vocally since those critiques have been made. But regardless, I love singing this song and I will keep singing it for years to come. Enjoy!