Friday, October 19, 2012

Songs I Love To Sing: All I Want For Christmas

I am gearing up for a couple of recitals in November and December and Christmas Songs are on my brain! Last year Ivy conveniently lost her two front teeth just in time for our Christmas Party at church and she learned and sang this sweet little song. I love how naturally subtle she is as a performer. And the ukulele skills you hear as her accompaniment is Roger playing. Have fun viewing this one and Happy Friday!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Songs I Love To Sing: You Can't Get a Man With a Gun

This song is a blast from the past! I did this production of Annie Get Your Gun the summer of 2009. The challenge with songs from this show are the amount of verses that are meant to be sung over and over. Our director cut some verses to ease the monotony, but most of the songs were left in tact. I am always one for finding levels and variety in a performance so I took the song apart and with each verse I endowed it with its' own theme or mini vinette. The song had to progress as a whole however so I made sure that the song in its' entirety had an overall arc. If I kept it honest I had the audience in the palm of my hand. At this point of my vocal journey I was still struggling with the "crackle" in my voice. You will hear it now and again. It made me pretty insecure on stage and I had to fight tremendous nerves. Luckily my co-star was (is) my vocal coach so I could consult with him backstage if I needed. He set up a specific vocal warm up that I would do each night before the show that best suited this role. How convenient is that?! This song was one of my favorites to perform in the show.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Songs I Love to Sing: You and I

As part of my "Songs I Love to Sing" series I decided to post this gem. My family and I learned Ingrid Michaelson's, 'You and I'. Roger learned the ukulele chords and we got to practice together. It was quite the bonding experience for us. It made us want to start a family band! That would be cool. At any rate, I loved singing this with Roger and having the kids chime in with their voices and 'percussion'. Chester really gets into it! haha Enjoy!