Tuesday, September 30, 2014

St. George Recital 2014

This past weekend I was able to travel down to Southern Utah and perform my Annual Recital for family and friends.

This year it was all country and folk music and I played the guitar! Something I haven't done for an audience since 2008 when I first learned how to play. Even then, it is my first time going solo with the guitar and I didn't realize how nervous I would be. The first song I played my hands were shaking so bad I had to take a second to calm down and then I did better and better as the time went on. It is funny how nerves manifest themselves. I didn't realize I was nervous until that moment. Crazy!

Here are some fun shots of me singing:

Not sure what was happening here, but I think this picture is so funny! 

Here I am explaining the duet I sing with Ivy. She said she was SO nervous. I had no idea because she sang the song the best she has ever done. I love harmonizing with this girl. 

My sister Franci accompanied me on the piano. Always a pleasure! 

My proud mom.

Proud Dad and Step-Mom

The spread afterward with Russ being goofy in the back when we told him get out of the picture. Haha. Janell made brownie bites, cream puffs, caramels, and lemon & key lime tarts. She made them! From scratch!! So delicious!!!

Now I am all prepped for the recital for my Salt Lake friends and family. This year's repertoire has been a blast to work on and a departure from what people normally hear me sing. It was fun to hear the feedback from the audience, "I didn't know you could sound so good singing country!", "Now that is MY music! Finally you sang something I liked!", "Country suits your voice.", and "I didn't know you played guitar?!" 

I love challenging myself. I love doing new things and getting outside my comfort zone. The hard work really paid off and now I have double the excitement to perform in Salt Lake. So come if you can! It is going to be a blast and yes, I am going to make all of you sing with me at one point so start doing your vocal exercises! ;-)