Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Songs I Love to Sing: Crazy

I wish I still had the Annie Oakley costume you see to the right. My mother-in-law and I made it when I was in Annie Get Your Gun and it would have been perfect to wear as an early Patsy Cline get up for the recording of this song. Patsy went from costumes like this to more simple, sophisticated fashion as she got more established in the music industry. But, no matter what she wore, her voice, her phrasing, her relationship with the audience, and charisma were all anyone was really paying attention to. I love singing her songs. I love seeing if I can capture some of her essence in a truthful way and not as a parody. If I ever get the chance to play her in "Always, Patsy Cline", that is what I will strive for. No one has her voice. But, if I can just capture that essence, that is all that will matter. I love bringing a bit of myself to this song as well. You have to if it is to come across in an honest way. I also have a higher timber to my voice so, when I sing her songs in a recital or for a recording I usually sing her songs first so I know my chest voice is in full swing. Often if I am singing in my mix or head voice for too long and then I try and get that rich tone, I can't quite accomplish it as well. Isn't it interesting that most singers plan their set list in an order that is conducive to how their voice works as it warms up and is used? I know this may be slightly different for every singer, but there is a technical logic behind set lists. I hope you enjoy this song. It was written by another country legend, Willie Nelson. When I sing it, I am carried away in the emotion. The best is singing it on stage, with just a spot light on you, mic in hand, and a small band backing you up. I have had that pleasure in the past and the result was pretty magical. A moment I won't forget.