Monday, February 11, 2013

Leela James

While visiting my niece, Ami, last weekend in California, I had the privilege of seeing Leela James in concert. The venue was Yoshi's in San Francisco, an intimate night club that served food and drinks while Leela performed. She has a sultry voice that is influence by gospel, blues and soul. Her range is incredible and I was impressed by her stamina. She sang a 90 minute show for us (the 8 'o clock show) and then was going to have a 30 minute break and sing another 90 minutes for the 10 'o clock show. That break turned into 15 when she sang an encore for us. I could tell her voice was getting tired toward the end, but had confidence that after her break she would be recharged and ready for the next show. I wonder how well she did vocally during that late show? I am sure she is used that kind of schedule or she wouldn't be booked for it. Not sure if I could it...

The main thing that impressed me was her command of the stage and confidence regardless of servers buzzing around or a crowd that had a hard time loosening up. I could tell she loved to perform and was in the moment at all times. She worked hard with her sense of humor and boundless energy to involve the audience and allow them to feel free to sing, or dance or clap their hands, whatever moved them. She wasn't just up there to sing to us, she wanted us to be a part of the experience. I have never sung in a venue like that so I studied her every move and determined that performing in that environment was a talent all its' own. I am sure it is developed over time, but it is still a talent. I think it would be great to set a goal for myself to do something like this, more cabaret style, and see if I like it. Leela inspired me and was such a joy to behold on stage. Thank you, Ami for suggesting her and getting the tickets. I loved it. Below is a clip of the lovely, Leela James. Enjoy!!