Wednesday, October 15, 2014

EVERYONE Should Sing!

I recently saw this video posted on my high school choir teacher's Facebook page and I fell in love with this message:

As I work with students, and fellow actors, or associate with friends and family, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, "I can't sing." EVERYONE can sing! EVERYONE has something to offer in the singing realm! AND EVERYONE should stop thinking they are limited, or not talented or not good enough just because they don't sound like (insert favorite singer here)....Because the truth of the matter is, Music is Communication and we as a society need to sing more often and STOP criticizing those that do.

If you want to sing, Start Practicing. If you want to sing, join a choir or group, audition for a musical, take voice lessons, start up a family/friend band and get together once a week to belt out your favorite tunes. If you want to sing, stop feeling inferior to those people who "sing" and are revered as "the best" and find your own voice. Singing brings people together. It uplifts, inspires, motivates, relieves stress and captivates the soul.

My voice is not perfect. It has its quirks and sometimes I get frustrated and think, "Why am I doing this?" But, the next day, I warm up and do it all again because I love it. It comes from my soul and I have to sing like I have to breath.

Start today. Turn off the computer or TV, put down the phone, crank up the music and SING!!!!